Best fish finder for the money 2017 – Editor Choice

It’s not easy to find out the best way to enjoy quality times either with family members or alone. People even find it difficult to choose what they should do when they get free time. But the people who love fishing, know how to utilize their leisure time in the best way. Fishing not only ensures quality time but also keeps body and mind fit forever. This article is for those fishing lovers who need the best fish finder for the money to enjoy fishing at best. A quality fish finder saves time and assures more fishes if you have a minimum budget to spend.

To choose the best product considering budget and quality is always a difficult task for the people. It’s always a tradeoff between these two factors. In this article, we’re considering your budget. We’re trying to represent some special fish finders that meet your budget comfortably.

Let’s go through some points to make sure whether you need a fish finder or not.

Why A Fish Finder Is Mandatory?

It’s not mandatory to have a fish finder with you always. But at some points, you’ve to rethink about this. Considering so many factors you can have it. The reasons behind buying a fish finder are -

#  Spot Selection

It’s always a tough job to select a spot to start fishing. Generally, it’s not possible to find out a proper space where fishes are available in a larger quantity from a surface of the water. So, with the help of a fish finder, it is easy to find out the density of fishes in a certain area as required. It reduces the surfing time and exploring time.

# Species Selection

People don’t catch all types of fish while fishing. They have certain choices. Image processing function of such electronic device ease the process. Because its display helps a lot to check out which type of fish you’re going to catch.

# Water Depth

Water depth measurement is another criteria for taking a decision where to start fishing. Because the depth of water defines the flow of water and movement of fishing.

Best fish finder under 200

Garmin Striker 4 Review

Garmin Striker 4 is the most popular fish finder nowadays. Considering the pricing and the available features it has popularity among the anglers. It has a GPS of high intensity. It’s a 3.5-inch fish finder having 1.9x2.9 color display. To tell about the technical feature it has a transducer with CHIRP technology that can work with the frequencies from 77 to 200 KHz. Its specialty is multiple frequency sending and returns imaging throughout the range. Normally, a transducer having 200 KHz works with only 200 KHz. On the other hand, CHIRP transducer sends multiple frequencies from a minimum range to a maximum range and make a crystal clear of fishes or any other objects you want to observe with this sonar. All the device functionalities can be controlled with pads. Comparing to its features its pricing is comfortable to buy. This lightweight fish finder has a CHIRP that is quite good to use. But for better performance, you can add transducer either GT8 or GT15. Garmin striker 4 has a clear imaging processing device and its overall price is lower.


  • Lightweight
  • Less Price
  • CHIRP upgradable


  • Limited Performance
  • Not suitable for large area coverage

Best fish finder under 500

Humminbird Helix 5 Review

Humminbird is famous for its trend in offering anglers with more features at affordable prices than others. If you’re going for a Humminbird HELIX model, you already have made a great choice.

The HELIX 5 SI provides many useful features and it is currently the most affordable fish finder that has Side Imaging feature. It is a great ideal for all type of anglers. It has a screen size of 5 inches with TFT color and backlight which has 800H x 480V pixel resolution. The Sonar system includes Side Imaging, Down Imaging and DualBeam Plus with SwitchFire. It has the depth capability of 100 feet (30 m) for Side Imaging, Down Imaging and 1500 feet (457 m) for DualBeam. It has the frequency of 200 kHz/ 20° and 83 kHz/ 60° for DualBeam Plus, 455 kHz/ 85° for SI (on each side). The Side Imaging can be extended up to 240 ft (73 m) on each side of the boat, for a total of 480 ft (146 m) of coverage. The HELIX 5 SI needs 10 to 20 DC volts and gives an output of 500 Watts (RMS).


  • High-resolution screen, 360-degree view.
  • SI and DI sonar technology at the cheapest price.
  • Awesome depth finder.
  • Fast GPS system.


  • Limited Performance
  • SI and DI won’t serve in waters deeper than 100 feet (30 m).
  • Requires SD card (which is a separate purchase) to import/export data navigation data or solar recordings.

Best fish finder under 400

Lowrance Hook-5 Review

The Lowrance Hook-5 fish finder is an upgraded version of Lowrance Elite 5 HDI. It gives everything that the Elite-5 HDI did and does it better. It is a fishfinder or Chartplotter having great value features without compromising the quality.

The Hook-5 Ice Machine has a portable ice-fishing pack and transducer, trusted Lowrance sonar and navigation features and a user-friendly interface. It has a screen size of 5-inch high-resolution color display. It also has CHIRP Sonar technology which provides the best possible view of the underwater environment beneath the ice. It has the most accurate GPS system which provides information about 3,000 lakes, rivers and coastal contours to 1,000 feet. It can create insight genesis custom maps that come from your own sonar logs. It keeps track to review recorded sonar history including structure, transitions or fish targets. The Hook-5 ice machine also has a convenient page selector menu with quick and easy access to all features using one-thumb operation.


  • Brilliant high-resolution display, CHIRP sonar.
  • Comes with a portable ice-fishing pack and transducer.
  • Maps with 3000 US lakes and coastal areas.


  • Doesn’t have that much technology as other manufacturers considering cost.
  • It’s hard to hook up.
  • Screen changes a lot on its own.


At this section, we’re going to suggest a product that will be the best for the money. If you’re concern about the best fish finder then you should buy Garmin Striker 4. Considering display, portability, customer feedback, features, price and other related factors this fish finder should be on your favorite list. Recently people are simply loving this product. Go through all the reviews and take your valuable decision.

Final Words

A professional or part-time angler can get the core idea or choice in an instant. Depending on their choice they can easily choose their desired product. But for the other person, it is not easy to choose the best fish finder that would meet their budget along with all requirements. For them, we tried our best to represent. Hope this article will help a little bit.


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