Best Fish Finders Under 200 – Within Your Limited Budget

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in this world. It has started obviously before ages and ages and still it is a hobby. It’s not just a hobby but also a profession to many of the people of this sphere. Fish finders are actually a great help to the people who like fishing. It is an astounding assist for locating the fish with the help of GPS, compass, and a fish indicating system. In easy words, you can say that it is a radar for haunting the fishes from the ocean. This article brings out the best fish finders under 200 that meets your budget as well.

Best Fish Finders Under 200

1. iBobber Fish Finder Review

iBobber Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder is a nicely designed and a totally updated product and can be considered as one of the best products of the market. It has got a battery life of more than 10 hours which can be taken as the biggest advantage of this magnificent product. On the other hand, this product has got the free app on android and also iOS like most of the other products and it is an extremely cheap product as well. Its sonar reading can go down really deep 135’ to be accurate and last but not the least it’s got the LED Beacon. However, it is just a nicely built product with tons of qualities


  • The Battery Life it has

No one is going to go for a fishing session which will be over 10 hours, so, if you charge it up to hundred percent then you are just more than safe with this product. Most of the products do not provide you such an important facility however this product’s battery is just splendidly built

  • Very Cheap

You are obviously not going to go for a product which would cost you over 200 dollars for a simple fish finder, isn’t it? So, when the product is cheap it is just a huge help and also a huge savings of your own finance. You might be having a low budget as well then you will be facing problems to buy many other fish finders whereas this one is just perfectly priced.

  • Rechargeable Battery

You don’t need to buy the battery of this product again and again, just recharge it after using it for more than 10 hours and use it and when its battery it down again, charge it back.


  • The design of its app could’ve been a lot better.

2. FishHunter Military Grade Portable Fish Finder review

FishHunter Military Grade Portable Fish Finder 3.0 is probably the best Fish Finder of the whole market. If we look at the price it is a little bit higher from the previous product I’ve discussed about but its qualities are really supreme. First of all, its range of Bluetooth casting is higher than most of the other fish finders, well, it is up to 80 feet deep. On the other side, the depth range is of 100 feet but in the icy areas it is up to 60 feet. This is one of the favorite products of the entire market.


  • How deep it can go:

As I have mentioned before that its depth is extremely high which is of 100 feet deep and when you are going for ice sessions then it is of 60 feet. Well, it is something most of the fish finders fail to provide you whereas this product is especially good at doing that. It is obviously one of the biggest qualities of a fish finder.

  • They provide you all the equipment:

A charging station, a carrying bag and also a mini USB cable would be provided by them when you are buying the product. However, the extra equipment they provide are of dynamic quality and are dynamically durable as well. It would be staying with you for a really long time


  • Price:

As you have noticed that this product’s price is a little bit high compared to the first product and even many other products of the market. Well, the qualities this product is providing is definitely high but the people with low budget will be facing problems when they buy this product. I have to say that from my own experience it is one of the best fish finders I have ever used.

3. NorCross HawkEye Fish Finder review

This one is a really cheap and a handy product. The best thing about this product is it is a complete package. First of all, it can go really deep compared to many other products. This product is extremely easy to use as well; it is like a phone. Well, all you have to do is turn on your device and then toss the sonar sensor from the place you are standing. In some sense, it is the best product of the market, although, the previous product I’ve told you about has more specifications this one’s price is half of the previous product and you are obviously not going to spend a lot of bucks for a single fish finder unless you are having the wallet of Bill Gates.


  • A Combo

As I have told you before that this product is a combination of most of the qualities a product needs to have. It is light, handy, can go really deep and also affordable. Aren’t these all you look from a fish finder? What more do you expect?

  • This Product’s Got a Good Grip

Unlike most of the fish finders this one has a really good grip and it would be fitting in your hand perfectly. A good grip is something most of the people look for because you might face problems when you are traveling somewhere by a ship or a boat and trying to fish from the fast waves of the ocean.


  • This product’s design is totally handy and also fits in hands but it kinda looks a bit weird and totally like a phone.

Final Words

As the technology advances we find a lot of things to use, well, they do make our jobs a lot simpler than we can imagine. Fish finders are definitely a great help for most of the people who like to fish. There are many new fish finders in the market which have been launched and different products are good at different places. It totally depends on you the quality you are seeking on a fish finder. I would ask you to go for the affordable ones with a good sinking power. Hope this article mentioning best fish finders under 200 bucks helped you. Thanks a bunch for dropping by!


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