Humminbird Fishfinder 561 One of the Best Fish Finder

Fishing is fun. It is one of the most enjoyable pastimes for many persons. Some also consider fishing as a favorite sport. Thus fishing lovers always thus look for a useful fishing tool for them. Humminbird is a very popular brand in this sector, and it comes with different attractive models of fishfinder for making the fishing time of the fishermen more enjoyable and their tasks easier. Among all of these attractive models of this prominent brand, Humminbird fishfinder 561 comes in the list.

Humminbird 408980-1 500 561 DI Down Imaging and DualBeam Fishfinder is also a popular choice especially for its functions as an angler. This budget friendly product can be mounted on the dashboard of any boat and provides the best service in spotting the fishes under your boat. You can also use this product as the depth finder or for the purpose of exploring the down surface of the water. This could be in your best fish finder list.

Who Need Humminbird Fishfinder 561?

  • Professional fishermen.
  • Underwater explorer.
  • Seasonal Fishers.
  • Fishing lovers.
  • Amateur fishing lovers.
  • Pastime enjoyers.


  • Budget friendly product
  • Dual beam features
  • Excellent navigation
  • Down imaging up to 350 feet
  • Best suitable option for both salt water and fresh water
  • 4000 watt of peak to peak power output, 500 watt in RMS value
  • Great performance of the split screen function


  • Lack of color display in the unit
  • No feature of getting the side view of the images
  • Small sized and poorly sealed screen

Best Features of Humminbird Fishfinder 561

SwitchFire Sonar Features

One of the best reasons for which you can go for Humminbird 408980-1 500 561 DI Down Imaging and DualBeam Fishfinder over all other tools is its exclusive SwitchFire Sonar features. By this feature, you can instantly choose any of your desired modes. There are two different modes in this function; one is the Clear mode and the other one is the Max mode. If you are fishing in any rough water surface, you can choose the Clear mode for the ease of your fishing. You can use this mode for filtering the noise in the bottom surface of water and thus get a clear and high definition image quality.

It will help you to detect the exact location of the fishes, and also make you able to explore the underwater world. Again, you can also use the Max mode. With this mode, you can get all the detailed information like the water currents, the structure of the bottom surface, the position of the fishes, the thermoclines etc. The fishermen can get the greater details of all the info with this mode. This mode is a good option for the professional fishermen as they can be able to interpret all these information. On the contrary, the Clear mode will be a bit easier to the beginners for its comparatively easy functions.

Down Imaging Features

Apart from the SwitchFire sonar, Humminbird 408980-1 500 561 DI Down Imaging and DualBeam Fishfinder also comes with the down imaging feature. It is true that the professionals use the SwitchFire Sonar option more than the down imaging functions. But this option might be a crucial one for the amateur learners and the beginner ones. In this function, high-frequency sound waves start to produce and they will let to pass through the thin slices. Using these high-frequency sound waves you can produce fresh eye views of the underwater world up to the height of 250 feet. Without this feature, you can explore up to 600 feet deep regions.

You will be able to enjoy more realistic images of the world beneath your boat. Down imaging provides you the clearer and more lucid images. You can detect the fishes, herbs, baits, pits, and all the down surface elements easily with this feature. Your ability to differentiate between the fishes and other structures of the bottom surface of the water level will better by using this amazing function of this product. It will enhance your ability and also utilize your time.

Amazing LCD Display

This fish finder device comes up with a LCD display of 5 inches which is comparatively smaller than the other available models of the market, but this one is not the smallest one for sure. The screen resolution of this display is 320 X 320 pixels. Considering such a smaller size screen, this resolution level is quite well you must admit. Moreover, this display consists of 12 different levels of grayscale instead of the color display. Though the screen supports only black and white image options, this fish finder will provide sharper, crisp, and more defined image quality for its users. You can also get the direct view in the display even in the direct sunlight.

Another exclusive feature of this unit of fish finder is its split screen view. In one portion of the split screen, you can get the images produced by down imaging functions. On the other hand, you can also get the traditional 2D sonar view on the other portion of the screen. You can be able to make a complete assumption by comparing the both side by side views on the screen and know what is happening just below your boat. There is also a backlight included with this display that will make the users capable of seeing in the night time.

Selective Fish ID

Another biggest reasons why Humminbird fishfinder 561 is a highly demanding unit for the novice users is its Selective Fish ID feature. This interesting feature is the result of the internal software. It uses the sonar processing and thus provides data to the users regarding the basic catch below the water regions. Using this option, the novice fishermen and the beginner ones can be able to end their confusions about which one underneath their boat is fish, and which one is not. You can also be able to get an idea about the average depth of the surface by using this function.

Built-in Sensor

Another important feature of Humminbird fishfinder 561 is it’s temperature sensor. This sensor mainly works to detect the temperature of the water surface. The location of the fishes depends upon various factors. One of these important factors is the level of water temperature. So, it is important to get an idea on the temperature of the water surface where you like to do your fishing job. You can do this by using this sensor. The detected temperature will be visible in the screen of the front display.


Does this unit come with the color display option?

No, unfortunately not. Humminbird 408980-1 500 561 DI Down Imaging and DualBeam Fishfinder only has the black and white screen option. No color display is available with this unit.

Will I be able to detect the water temperature with this fish finder?

Yes, you will. There is a built-in transducer in this unit of fish finder that comes with a sensor and it works to detect the water temperature. You will be able to get this value on the screen.

Will there be any speed indicator mounted with this unit?

No, you will not get any speed indicator mounted with this unit of fish finder. But, you can additionally purchase one by ordering in amazon or any other way, and get it mounted in this unit if you intend to do so.

Final Words

Humminbird 408980-1 500 561 Sonar Fishfinder is a great tool for the new fishing persons for the ease of its operation. On the other hand, you might be a bit upset with the black and white screen display of this unit. But, if you are a beginner in this staffs, you will get the easiest service from this unit. So, consider Humminbird fishfinder 561 as the best tool in the market for the amateur fishing loving people.


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